Twelve years ago, we made our first investments into property.

With both of us having worked in the construction sector for a combined total of 33 years we feel we have a real understanding for the sector and its ongoing potential growth.

Our investment strategy focused around towns in and around the Tameside area with their exceptional yields and demands due to the ongoing growth of Manchester city centre. These towns on the outskirts of the city were starting to thrive due to the economic boom Manchester was seeing.

Having both lived in the area all our lives we have a real understanding of the area and the opportunities it offers. The business we have created, Ackers Properties Limited has an extensive portfolio of owned properties which we are continuing to grow.


Many investors are put off due to varying factors such as lack of time, financing or even just local knowledge, but Ackers Properties Limited looks to help. We help investors to establish a foothold in the market, build portfolios and benefit from outstanding yields year on year.

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