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Deal Packaging

We have a detailed understanding of the areas in which we work and the income and capital growth potential of all types of property. We’ll help you find the right property for investment. We’ll be guided by your budget and preferred method of financing the purchase and ensure you make the most of your outlay.

If a property needs substantial work, we can handle it. Our expert teams can get a property up to the right specification quickly, surpassing ‘Decent Homes’ standards and fully compliant with all aspects of health and safety. We’ll give you a firm quote for the refurbishment right at the outset, so you’ll always know your costs and the property’s true value.

House Purchase

Plan ahead with certainty by selling your property fast to Ackers Properties Limited.

Our offers for property, allow you to sell your property quickly with absolutely no hassle, stress, or worry. You can plan-ahead with certainty once you have agreed to sell your property to Ackers Properties Limited.

Selling a property to us is:
• Hassle Free
• Easy
• Honest
• Time frames to suit your situation
• Discreet

When you agree to an offer from Ackers Properties Limited, you can relax knowing that the rest of the process will be taken care of, working together with the buyer to tailor a solution to suit you.

We understand that selling your property can be stressful, especially through an estate agent or an online property portal.

As a professional house buyer, Ackers Properties can remove the issues associated with selling your property because we do all the work for you, quickly and stress-free.

Dealing directly with Ackers Properties means that you know exactly what is going on. There are no risks of the sale falling through and you can plan with certainty and start making future plans.


At Ackers Properties Ltd we look to help people out of financial troubles and invest professionally. We are looking to help more people out of debt. We are also looking to help investors get a better return on their money through Joint Ventures.

Do you know anyone who may need help? Do you know anyone who might want a better return on their money?

We offer a variety of investment strategies for our partners offering great returns on investment.

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